Changes needed to the Quality Councils Scheme

Member Councils do not seek qualification because it is a heavty burden on clerks and councillors and apart from prestige brings no additional powers, right to consultation or funding.

NALC should negotiate with Government the grant to quality councils of the following additional rights & powers:
*Authority to determine prescribed minor planning applications
*Statutory consultee status for proposals for planning, affordable housing, waste collection and recycling, leisure facilities including footpaths and bridleways, public lighting, traffic management & engineering, licensing
*the right to appoint a school governor to state schools within the local council area.

Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils

4 thoughts on “Changes needed to the Quality Councils Scheme

  1. I like much of what you suggest Stamford: however
    I believe the priority is not to look for governement funds but to consider ones Parish in relation to the assets it has, Land or building, people with skills, and a measure of will to make better use of limited assets.

    The Village hall is a wonderful asset start for those that have one. I see the likelihood of broadening this asset to include the rental of space or services to new busines starters who want to help their community to make that link with Landscape as our forefathers did to bring Identity and culture and peoples link with Landscape.

    To invite local landowners to donate (long lease on peppercorn maybe) adjacent to village hall can be an inspiring start, to help keep local young in work and use of local resources helps turn the scales.

  2. I agree with the sentiments expressed within this suggestion. If Parish Councillors, who are unpaid volunteers after all, are to undergo training to meet an acceptable standard of knowledge then they should be able to take on additional responsibilities such as minor planning decisions and the like.
    This concept should be developed as part of the revised Quality Parish Scheme

  3. I believe that some sort order renewal scheme is also needed.

    I may be wrong, but it seems, as personnel changes there’s no checks in place to ensure standards are maintained in line with membership criteria.

    No qualifications should be for life, when it’s awarded to an organisation or business.

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