Quality Parish and Town Council Scheme and Business Rates

There are a number of ideas relating to parish and town councils receiving a proportion of the business rates. These ideas are supported and could be linked to the quality parish and town council scheme with a new, optional section on supporting local businesses and economic development. Parish and Town Councils that are awarded quality status with this new section included would then receive a proportion of the business rates. Parish and Town Councils are, after all, at the ultra local level and well placed to support and promote economic development in their local area.

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One thought on “Quality Parish and Town Council Scheme and Business Rates

  1. This is a good idea from Dom – it could be one of several measures designed to rekindle interest in the QC scheme. Without incentivisation the QC scheme will wither on the vine but with ideas such as this it could really take off again.
    For example in Sussex we had 57 QCs at peak – down to about 45 now and dropping.

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