The Inquiry

Local community

The What next for localism? inquiry has been established by the NALC (National Association of Local Councils) working with the All Party Parliamentary Group on local democracy, which is chaired by Rory Stewart MP. The inquiry will report in early 2013.

The aim of the Inquiry is to offer analysis, insight and advice to the All Party Parliamentary Group on local democracy, to NALC and local councils themselves, as well as to the Government, on where localism needs to go next.

We don’t want this to be a typical Inquiry where a panel simply listens to evidence, produces a report with recommendations, and hopes that someone reads it and something happens as a result. We’re committed to making something happen quickly, and have already begun working on a series of projects as well as seizing the opportunity to influence and set the agenda.

We want to get people thinking about the future of local councils, and asking what next for localism? Generating ideas about how the current policy, legislative and financial frameworks can be improved. And working out what support is needed to really unlock the capacity and potential of local councils – including everyone working in and around them – and what can be done to enhance their delivery capability and productivity.

More than anything we hope through the Inquiry to come up with radical new ideas to help hyper local democracy truly flourish into the future

The inquiry will be led by NALC and the All Party Parliamentary Group on local democracy. It will involve a range of stakeholders including councilllors and officers in all tiers of local government, councils, public sector organisations, the voluntary and community sector, the media, as well as parliamentarians and the Government.

All ideas submitted through the website will be analysed and considered by NALC and All Party Parliamentary Group on local democracy, in addition to other evidence sourced through a series of short surveys and more traditional oral evidence sessions.

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