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It’s probably already been suggested, but now that Parish and Town Councils have the General Power of Competence avialable to them, and that many are engaging well with the communities they serve, central Government should just let them get on with doing just that – serving their communities in the way that suits their communities best. That is true Localism. We already Build what we need, Challenge where we think we can do better and Bid when opportunitioes arise…in a massivlely efficient way and at a significantly low real cost to the community.

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2 thoughts on “Trust Us

  1. Graham I agree with you. I believe that there was a political trade off. On the one hand we got the General Power of Competence, which was a modernisation of a pile of ancient laws. On the other hand central government became very worried that we would all go wild and raise the precept a lot, so they introduced capping + referendum threats so that we would be afraid to use the Powers just granted. The over all effect of MORE CENTRALISATION, not localism.

  2. I do applaud what you say Graham, my only reservation is that I am not sure Parishes have a distinct clear objective as to what the community actually need to regenerate economic and social well being.
    I hear a lot about the need to raise public money. What I don’t see is the will to use our own assets to earn it and take over district Council facilitation ourselves. Without a clear objective of course, its just waffle. So I put ‘Landscape and People’s links with it’ as the objective to reshape lost Identity, culture and all else, including public hand-outs, all down the swanney. I suppose its a question of values.

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